Our computer & phone accessories include: HDMI adapters, HDMI splitters, HDMI switchers & type-C USB3.0 series adapters.
HDMI adapter: HDMI to VGA, Ipad to HDMI, VGA to HDMI, DP to VGA, DP to HDMI, DP to DVI, mini dp to VGA, mini DP to DVI, mini DP to HDMI, etc.
HDMI splitter: 1×2, 1×4, 1×8, 1×16
HDMI switcher: 3×1, 4×1, 5×1
TYPE-C USB3.0 series: USB3.0 to HDMI, USB3.0 to 3×1, USB3.0 to VGA adpter, USB2.0 to XLR cable, USB2.0 to guitar cable, type-C3.1 to HDMI, type-C3.1 to VGA+Audio, type-C3.1 to DVI, type-C3.1 to HDMI+USB3.0+Type-C, type-C3.1 to VGA+USB3.0+type-C
All products with HDMI.CE.FCC.ROHS certification, products and packaging can be customized with clients’ detail requirements.

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